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  • Engine Repair

  • Working on a car engine in a repair shop in Gadsden, AL.

    When you take care of your engine, your vehicle has a better chance of lasting a long time. If you maintain your car or truck regularly, and respond to problems sooner, your costs will be lower in the long run.

    You can trust Cowboys Auto Service for your engine maintenance and repair needs. We have been servicing engines in the Gadsden area for over 20 years. When you bring your car or truck here for a diagnosis and repair, you can be assured that we don't just work on cars - we fix them!

    Is your engine making noise?

    It could be due to:

    • low oil or low oil pressure
    • worn valve
    • cam shaft out of alignment
    • intake leak
    • loose belt

    Does your engine stall?

    It could be a sign of a bad fuel pump, sensor or electrical problem. Or a component is wearing out, like a fuel injector, spark plug or filter.

    Let us know when your engine stalls. Is it when:

    • Engine is cold
    • Engine is hot
    • Accelerating